How We Think About Privacy

Privacy is the reason that Perspect exists. Perspect was born in response to the privacy nightmare that exists across many services such as Instagram, Facebook, Wordpress and Google.

Such services are largely free, thus needing to track every user interaction to make money which is typically by selling advertising. The more data they have about your behavior on their services and the Internet at large, the better the advertisements and the likelihood that you engage with the ads.

We don't believe in a model that requires invading your privacy --- or that of your website's visitors. We will never stuff ads onto your website. We will never sell any of the data about you, your site, or your visitors.

We use Amazon Cloudfront's logging capability to create visitor analytics about your website, but it's primarily for your usage. You need not tradeoff your visitors' privacy just to get basic website analytics using a "free" 3rd party analytics tool. That 3rd party analytics tool is providing you a free service for the express purpose of using the analytics data for advertising.

All of the logging collected through Cloudfront is stored in a separate bucket dedicated to your website.

If you're concerned about privacy signup for Perspect here.