Unbundling Wordpress

Wordpress is a monolith that needs to be pulled apart. Its worst parts need to be thrown away and the parts worth keeping need to be modernized for the current era.

That's what we're doing with Perspect. We're unbundling Wordpress. We're re-writing the parts of Wordpress that are worth keeping and deploying it on modern infrastructure.

The first step was to separate the read data path from the create data path. This allows each of those functions to scale independently of each other.

So, naturally we started with the Wordpress API. We implemented Wordpress API compatibility on AWS Lambda, API Gateway and a host of other services. But the resulting pages that are created are stored on Amazon S3 and served using Cloudfront.

No database needs to be accessed just to read web pages, which makes sites blazing fast and highly available.

Having Wordpress API compatibility allows apps such as the iOS and Android clients, and MarsEdit to create posts, pages and publish content.

This is the first step to unbundling Wordpress. If you'd like to try it out signup for Perspect here.