Why Wordpress Does Not Scale

In building Perspect, we've been thinking very hard about why Wordpress and its legacy counterparts have scalability problems.

There's one fundamental reason: reading web pages and creating web pages all go through the same data path.

That data path is a database, which is often under-powered and over-utilized. The result: slow Wordpress sites that often exhibit an "Error establishing a database connection" message.

With Perspect, we've stepped back and decided to separate the data paths for reading and creating web pages. That allows reads and creates to scale independently of each other.

Reading a simple Perspect web page does not depend on a database. And that page is pre-generated and served on edge locations close to users. So there's no chance that an under-powered and over-utilized database will get in the way because simple Perspect pages do not depend on databases.

That essentially summarizes Perspect's modern architecture on the backend. Think of Perspect's design on the back-end as being "serverless."

On the front-end, we know that users want easy tools to manage websites. So we re-implemented the Wordpress API so that Wordpress tools such as those on iOS and Android would just work. On Macs, use MarsEdit. That's what I'm using to create this post. :)