Perspect API Reference

The Perspect API is based upon principles of REST.


The Perspect API uses API keys to authenticate HTTP requests. You can generate API keys in the Perspect web application. We recommend storing these keys in a secrets manager.


Products are at the heart of the commerce aspects of the Perspect API. When you create a product using the Perspect API we automatically create test and live products in Stripe so that you can use them easily on your website. And when you modify a product we will keep the test and live products in sync.

Product Categories

Product categories allow you to group products together using categorization of your choice.  


Arbitrary content pages can be created using the Perspect API.  Content pages can be used to create website landing pages, blogs, etc.  This page for API documentation you are currently reading is an example of a “page” in the context of the Perspect API.  


The Perspect API supports uploading and attaching media such as images to products and pages.  


Perspect creates build logs.


Publishing websites can be completely controlled through the Perspect API.